Week 13 - Nearing the End

This past week, my team and I had the opportunity to present our progress so far with the rest of the class. We mentioned that a lot has happened since our first stand-up report. For instance, we had our first pull request regarding documentation merged. It’s exciting to see that a contribution you’ve made is now visible to the rest of the community, and more importantly, will help new contributors start their journey within the project. At the time, our goal was to resolve open issues in order to get our foot “in the door.” But ironically enough, we couldn’t do that because we didn’t know how to actually set up the development environment. Our first contribution was an issue that we’ve experienced ourselves and we’re glad that we brought awareness to it. Our second contribution was creating a dark mode version of the website. My team and I had a lot of fun building it and thought that the design looked better than the actual website. I wished we were able to show our feature to peers during this stand-up, but we will have to wait until our final presentation. With this contribution, we haven’t gotten any new feedback from members of the community. So, our pull request remains in limbo (but hopefully not for long!)

Aside from sharing our own experiences, we also got to hear the progress of other teams and how far they’ve gotten into their final projects. I learned that we’re all in different phases of our projects and are making diverse contributions in our respective communities. Some of us have made a lot of pull requests that are in limbo or were merged(!!!), raised issues that gained constructive feedback from the community (or not), still have trouble setting up the development environment, etc. We’re all in different places and that’s okay! Moreover, what I thought was interesting was that not all contributions were code-related. In fact, most of them were documentation and translation work.

For my individual contributions, I wanted to work on translating the website. OpenFoodFacts has its own workflow when it comes to translations which involves using the Crowdin platform. However, when I checked the spanish translations page, 99% of the translations had been done. Instead, I’ve been working on the OpenFoodFacts Wiki which, to say the least, is outdated as hell. One of the pages I’ve worked on is the code of conduct, which hasn’t been edited in 3 years! This is surprising, considering the spelling and grammatical errors present and how ill-formatted it was. I also found a link to a spanish version of the wiki, which no one has contributed to. In fact, the page doesn’t even exist…until now. As we near the end, I’m going to focus on building the spanish version of the OpenFoodFacts wiki so that spanish speakers have access to resources detailed in the wiki.

Written before or on May 4, 2020